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As an experienced Backyard patio interlock paver stone installation contractor in Ottawa Ontario, we have the skills and experience to handle any sized Backyard with patio interlocking paver project. Whether it is a custom patio for backyard, Patio with Retaining Walls, Garden bed, steps and landing or any interlocking paver stone patio repair, our team is capable of providing sleek and affordable Backyard Patio interlock installations by identifying the best and most suitable features for your outdoor living spaces. We also make it a point to infuse in our projects the character and personality of our clients and provide reliable suggestions on the appropriate designs and materials to be used in their patios.

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Reliable  front and back Patio Design and Build Contractor in Ottawa

Don’t let an inexperienced contractor design and build your outdoor living space. Look for a company who can create the right kind of front and back patios for your property. If you are in Ottawa, Ontario or in a nearby city, just call Ottawa Interlock Contractors today. We are one of the trusted contractors in Ottawa when it comes to Backyard Patio interlock paver stones installation services.

The Beauty and Durability of

Backyard Patio Stone Pavers


As a home owner, you have multiple options when it comes to paving your backyard patio, driveway or walkway, we (Ottawa Interlock Contractors) believe that paving stones are the best option because of their durability, attractiveness, and cost effectiveness.

Asphalt and concrete are mostly used for new home built installations, yet there are far more benefits to using paving stones. While asphalt and concrete may appear the more affordable option, the true cost of asphalt and concrete appears when harsh weather forces repairs or total replacement after just short years. Additionally, there are not nearly as many choices when it comes to appearance and design, limiting your customization possibilities when going with concrete or asphalt.

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Backyard Patio interlock paving stone installation



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    I recently hired a Contractor to treat my interlocking walkway and also to treat my driveway with asphalt. The job was totally unsatisfactory to me. Done very sloppy and left incomplete in places. I hired (OIC) to come and do the job all over again. I am completely satisfied with the work that was done. The work was done and left me totally satisfied. The place was also left clean. I would recommend OIC. to anyone to do any work without a doubt.

    Janet F.

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